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How to create invoices in Saasu from Quick Timesheets

If you use Saasu for your accounting you can export time entries from Quick Timesheets directly into Saasu as Sales Invoices in a few simple steps.

Here’s a quick guide on how to set up the Quick Timesheets Saasu connector. You can also follow the annotated screenshots attached to this blog post.

A few tips before you start:
  • You will need to enable web services in Saasu and provide your access key and file id (Saasu API help)
  • You will need an an Income Account configured (View Saasu Account list)
  • Note for Australian users: Default tax code is ‘G1’

Step 1. Enter your Saasu File ID and Web Services Access Key into your Quick Timesheets settings. 

You will need to enable web services in Saasu and enter your Saasu Web Services access key and File ID into the settings in Quick Timesheets from Settings -> Saasu.

You can enable and retrieve your web service key from your Saasu account from ‘Settings’ -> ‘Web Services’ . Check out the Saasu API help page for detailed instructions.

You’ll also need to tick the ‘Enable Saasu’ checkbox in Quick Timesheets to enable the connector.

Step 2. Select the time entries that you want to invoice

To create a sales invoice, use the Search page to filter and select the time entries you want to invoice, then click ‘Export to Saasu’.

Step 3. Enter your hourly tasks rates or lump sum fee

You can create invoices in Saasu in the following ways:

1. Individual items - export each selected time entry and specify the rate per hour for each item.
2. Item Invoice - export individual entries or grouped per person as an Item Invoice
3. Lump sump / fixed price - export all selected entries as a lump sum invoice and specify the total dollar amount total.

Once you have exported your time entries to Saasu, they will be automatically tagged with the Saasu invoice ID so you can keep track of what you’ve invoiced from within Quick Timesheets.

Step 4. View your invoice in Saasu

You should now be able to sign in to Saasu and see the details of your invoice.

That’s it! You should have successfully exported your Quick Timesheets entries into an invoice with Saasu.

I made a mistake, how can I re-create the invoice?

You can re-invoice times from Quick Timesheets but if a time entry has been previously invoiced you’ll be given a warning before you can proceed. Once you’re sure you want to continue, just follow the steps above.

If you have any comments or questions then just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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