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How to export Quick Timesheets to iCal or Google Calendar

Want to view your Quick Timesheets in iCal or Google Calendar? It’s easy and only takes a few steps.

Here’s a quick guide on how to import your Quick Timesheets into Apple iCal or Google Calendar. For other calendaring applications the steps should be similar so this article should still serve as a guide. You can also follow the screenshots in this blog post.

Step 1. Copy your Quick Timesheets Calendar URL

  • Copy the Calendar URL from Settings -> User Settings -> Export Calendar.

The URL should look something like this:


Step 2.  (iCal Users)

  • Open up iCal from your desktop, and click Calendar -> Subscribe.
  • Next, copy your Quick Timesheets Calendar URL into the input field and click ‘Subscribe’.

Step 2.  (Google Calendar Users)

  • From your Google Calendar sidebar (below ‘Other Calendars’), click Add -> Add By URL.
  • Copy your Quick Timesheets Calendar URL and click ‘Add Calendar’. 
And you’re done! Your calendar application will periodically synchronise with Quick Timesheets and add your timesheet entries.

Can I edit my timesheets from my calendar?

Unfortunately not, but for a reason. Because Quick Timesheets keeps track of specific information such as clients, tasks and categories, we can’t sync this information back into Quick Timesheets using the iCal format.

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