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How to Set Up Approval workflow using Tags


Customizable Tags are a very flexible and powerful feature of Quick Timesheets.  Setting up workflow for timesheet entry approvals is just one application:

  1. From your Admin login, go to Settings > Users and create logins for your standard users/staff and managers.
  2. Under Settings > User Permissions, set the manager logins to have permission to “Search All User’s Entries” and “Lock Entries” by checking the relevant boxes.
  3. Under Settings > Tags create a new tag with the name of ‘Approval Status’.
  4. Login as a casual staff user and create some test timesheet entries.
  5. Log back in as a manager and select Search.
  6. Run a search for all Clients, Tasks and Users.  You will get the tree-structured list of all the timesheet entries.
  7. Expand the search results tree and select the desired entries using the checkboxes.
  8. Click the ‘Tag’ button.
  9. In the Tag Entries dialog, select the ‘Approval Status’ tag and set a value for it e.g. ‘Approved’, ‘Pending’, ‘Query?’ etc.
  10. Check the ‘Lock Entries’ box if you also wish to lock these entries so they cannot be changed.
  11. Click the ‘Tag’ button to save your changes.

Note that you can save predefined searches by clicking the Search Link button on the Search results page.  So for example, you could run a search for a particular manager’s staff and then forward that search link to the manager.  When they are logged in, the manager can use this link to easily bring up the entries they need to approve.


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